Derrick Rose

What is Derrick Roses Shoe Size

Derrick Rose is one of the greatest point guards ever seen in the NBA. Drafted with the top overall selection in 2008, Rose soon established himself as Chicago Bulls leading scorer.

Rose’s Adidas line represents more than shoes: each shoe was carefully tailored to his needs on the court.


Derrick Rose is a professional basketball player currently competing for the New York Knicks in the National Basketball Association (NBA). As one of the quickest, highest jumping point guards in the NBA, he holds six feet two inches (1m88/6-2).

Rose was selected first overall in the 2008 NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls and quickly made his mark in the league, winning Rookie of the Year honors and becoming youngest NBA MVP ever at 21. Unfortunately, his injury issues have limited him on court; but Rose remains an immensely dominant force.

Since his rookie season, Rose has worn adidas signature shoes designed with his unique playing style in mind. Rose wears men’s size 13 shoes to maximize comfort and performance on court.


Derrick Rose has endured numerous injuries that have limited his playing ability over his 14-year career, yet is back out on the court and ready to prove he can compete against LeBron James and other top guards in the league.

He was selected with the first overall pick by the Chicago Bulls in 2008, quickly becoming an NBA star. He earned both the Rookie of the Year award and later, became one of their youngest regular-season MVPs ever.

Rose has faced many setbacks throughout his basketball journey, yet his resilience and determination to stay the course have allowed him to stand out amongst the league’s finest players. As such, he is now a fan-favorite on court – just as his signature Adidas line caters specifically to his playing style and size for maximum comfort during games.

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Derrick Rose was raised in a large family, with three older brothers and a nurturing mother. As a gifted basketball player who excelled on the court but struggled off it, Derrick rose was selected first overall by his hometown team Chicago Bulls in 2008, making an immediate impactful debut – winning NBA Rookie of the Year honors as well as becoming youngest MVP ever awarded.

Rose has an iconic style that blends controlled recklessness with extraordinary speed and athleticism. A beloved player both on the court and off, he remains popular among his many fans. Show your admiration of him by donning one of his adidas basketball shoes designed specifically to his quick style for smooth ball control or explosiveness at the rim. Additionally, their traction pattern and outsole have also been designed with his game in mind for maximum court gripping potential and explosiveness on court.

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Derrick Rose has long been revered in basketball history. Drafted first overall by the Chicago Bulls in 2008 NBA Draft, he quickly rose to become an iconic point guard before going on to be named Rookie of the Year and become the youngest regular season MVP ever in 2011. Though suffering injuries that limited his playing abilities and career development has since set back his progress considerably, Rose remains an inspiring figure and serves as an excellent role model.

Once you put on your own pair of Derrick Rose sneakers, you can prove to the court that you possess both skill and precision like his. Use transition plays to fool opponents and surprise teammates with spin moves in transition; these juniors’ shoes will help you take down opponents one-on-one for easy shotmaking opportunities in transition or the lane.

Every shoe from D Rose’s line features his signature logo: an D surrounded by rose petals symbolizing those who have helped to guide his life journey.