Boban Marjanovic – What is Boban Marjanovic’s Shoe Size?

Boban Marjanovic is a NBA center known for wearing specially-made Nike sneakers to compete at an exceptional level in an extreme sport that demands fluid footwork and unparalleled balance. These footwear allow him to stay at the peak of performance throughout his career.

His enormous feet present obstacles as well. Oversized shoes can limit movement and cause instability while tight fitting shoes may result in blisters or even sprains.


Boban Marjanovic is an NBA professional basketball player currently playing for the Houston Rockets and an acclaimed actor who has appeared in multiple films and television shows. A Siberian athlete, he is well known for his physical dominance on the court where his height allows him to utilize its full potential when it comes to rebounding and blocking shots.

His impressive stature has garnered him numerous endorsement deals, and has also enabled him to generate income through acting roles; he has played pivotal roles in sports dramas and thrilling movies alike.

Boban Marjanovic’s unique physical attributes have not come without challenges. For instance, his large feet present special considerations; since standard shoe stores do not carry sizes 20 shoes, custom manufacturing may take considerable time and money – particularly important considerations when dealing with athletes with large feet that require extra room and support.


Basketball players require lightweight footwear that offers both comfort and stability for maximum play on court. Oversized shoes may cause blisters or alter balance while tight fitting ones restrict movement; to combat these challenges, Marjanovic wears custom-made ones which can be both costly and time consuming to produce.

His remarkable shoe size is a tribute to his exceptional physical stature, both within and beyond NBA circles. However, it creates certain challenges in everyday life as evidenced by a recent Twitter post wherein he couldn’t work out at SoulCycle due to their pedals not being big enough for him.

At 2.24 meters (7-feet 4 in), Marjanovic is one of the tallest active NBA players, tied with Victor Wembanyama and ahead of former teammate Shaquille O’Neal. However, his weight (230 kg or 522 pounds) makes him one of the heaviest in his league; to stay lightweight on court his massive feet require specially-made footwear that allows for enough airflow between each step.


Professional basketball players rely on their feet for optimal performance. Shoes that are too large can cause instability and result in injuries; conversely, shoes that are too small may limit movement. Therefore, designing shoes to meet Boban’s size requires striking an ideal balance between comfort and support with agility and speed.

Boban Marjanovic wears size 22 shoes on both feet – tied for largest feet among current NBA players along with Tacko Fall (currently playing for Boston Celtics and Maine Red Claws in NBA G League) and Shaquille O’Neal.

His hands are truly impressive, dwarfing many of his contemporaries and inspiring an online meme on Reddit in which people posted photos with Boban holding grapefruit or other objects like twigs and branches. Yet Marjanovic remains captivating personality with an undeniably unique presence within basketball.


Boban Marjanovic stands 7-feet-4 inches and has become a recognized force in the NBA due to his exceptional scoring prowess, soft touch around the rim, and defensive presence.

He has played professionally in Serbian league, Russian superleague and the NBA; currently for Philadelphia 76ers.

Finding shoes that fit can be difficult when you have the size of Boban, who wears Nike Zoom Rize 2 shoes known for their comfort, support and stability.

Shoes must also withstand the force of his leaps and pivots, so finding a pair that can support it all can make all the difference in his basketball performance. Shoes that are too small or tight can limit movement while shoes that are too large can increase injury risk. Striking a balance between these two factors is crucial for any NBA player’s success.