Boban Marjanovic Shoe Size

Boban Marjanovic of the Philadelphia Sixers stands tall. At 6’8, this towering center plays with impressive height and boasts an oversized shoe size.

Marjanovic began his professional career at Boljevac-based club Rtanj at age 14 before making the switch to Hemofarm as part of its professional squad.

Marjanovic wears heavy Nike Zoom Rize 2 sneakers which have caused much debate among NBA fans. His size 20 status is creating some confusion for them.



Boban Marjanovic stands at 7 feet, making him one of the tallest players in the NBA. With his massive frame and strong center position play, he is highly effective. Additionally, his large wingspan enables him to block shots easily.

His size and dominance on the court have won him many fans, leading him to be featured in 2021 series of Goldfish commercials alongside Tobias Harris.

He was also selected as part of Serbian national basketball team that took home silver at EuroBasket 2017. Due to his impressive skill set and devotion, he quickly became a fan favorite within NBA.

Marjanovic is known for both his professional career as well as his acting skills, having appeared in movies such as We Will Be World Champions and John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. Additionally, Marjanovic is married to Milica Krstic a model from Belgrade whom he met back in 2007 before getting hitched later that same year.


Boban Marjanovic of the Clippers made headlines when he couldn’t workout at SoulCycle due to their lack of his size in sneakers – 7-foot-3 Serbian giant who wears heavy duty Nike Zoom Rize 2 shoes known as “Bob the Giant.”

As part of his tenure with EuroLeague, he earned all-star status and won the Serbian League championship during 2013-14 season. Known for his power, precision, and agility on court.

He has also appeared in various sports and thriller films, garnering significant income. Vuk is married to Milica Krstic and they share an 8-year-old son together.

Boban is known to be extremely approachable and friendly, often connecting closely with fellow NBA players like Philadelphia 76ers star Tobias Harris – featuring in several Goldfish ads together! Both avid fans of Friends, it is no wonder these two get along so well!


Boban Marjanovic stands out in the NBA with his enormous hands. They allow him to grab rebounds, intercept passes and disrupt opponents’ shots with ease while improving team dynamics by enabling teammates to pass easily and securely.

It comes as no surprise that 7-foot-3 Serbian center Nemanja Bjelica, known as “the Grand Canyon of basketball players”, boasts such massive hands. They make his physical stature even more striking while helping him fill up the court, dunk on opponents, and catch everything in sight.

His giant hands are an invaluable asset in his game, but they alone won’t make him the best rebounder. Other factors like positioning and basketball IQ play an integral part in his rebounding abilities. Other notable NBA players with large hands include Noah Vonleh, Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, Rajon Rondo and Julius Erving; these large-handed NBA stars all play significant roles for their respective teams while being known for their defensive contributions.


Boban Marjanovic stands out as an exceptional NBA player with his unique combination of size, passing ability, and defensive contributions – as well as off the court impact – such as his signature hand gestures that capture fans. Additionally, his endearing relationship with Sixers teammate Tobias Harris has made him a beloved figure on social media.

Boban Marjanovic has worn various basketball shoes throughout his career, but his favorite is the Nike Zoom Rize 2, with its high-rebound cushioning and responsive feel ideally suited to players with large feet. Additionally, its breathable upper and dynamic lacing system provide support while offering custom fitting – ideal for players like Marjanovic who play with power and precision.

Nike Zoom Rize 2 is now available in select Nike stores and online. Click here for more information. Boban Marjanovic is one of the NBA’s premier centers; his enormous frame makes everyone else seem tiny in comparison.