Anthony Davis Shoe Size

What is Anthony Daviss Shoe Size

Anthony Davis is an NBA power forward/center for the Los Angeles Lakers who possesses an unparalleled combination of height and skills that has cemented him as one of the league’s premier performers.

His impressive court performance and presence are legendary, garnering him an extensive fan base. He wears shoe size 12.


Anthony Davis is one of the tallest players in the NBA at 6’10”, weighing 253 pounds and known for his unibrow and love of sneakers. This combination allows him to power through defenders when driving to the basket while still taking contact without incurring injury.

Davis was selected by the New Orleans Pelicans in the first round of the 2012 NBA draft and went on to earn gold with Team USA at the Olympic Games of that same year.

Davis currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers after being traded from New Orleans Pelicans in 2019. Since joining them in 2019, Davis has won three league Most Valuable Player awards and 11 All-Star selections. In 2019 alone, his Nike contract worth up to $8 Million per year included products in their Air Max Dominate and Audacity lines.


Anthony Davis stands out as one of the greatest NBA players, yet also has his own distinct sense of style when it comes to choosing shoes. While he has worn several brands and models from time to time, Nike is usually his go-to brand when selecting footwear.

Davis can often be found featured in ads for Nike, Foot Locker, and NBA 2K; additionally he holds a sponsorship deal with Michelob Ultra.

Davis is also a member of the USA national basketball team and competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. A versatile player with tremendous defensive prowess, Davis can serve as both power forward and center positions on his teams – an asset worth keeping around! He makes for an excellent addition!


Anthony Davis is a well-known NBA center player who holds down the center position for the New Orleans Pelicans. Throughout his tenure in the league he has earned numerous accolades and awards due to his stellar play on court.

He stands out on the basketball court due to his broad chest and powerful frame, as well as his adept shooting stroke and superior passing skills.

Anthony Davis is also an outstanding rebounder, easily taking down 6ft players with ease and collecting rebounds on their misses.

He prefers shoes that offer both maximum performance and appeal, such as the Nike Kobe 4 Protro when starting his Lakers tenure – this shoe features an extensive outsole footing area, full-length Zoom Air unit, and an adjusted vamp shape designed specifically for courts.


Davis is an NBA power forward and center who currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. Drafted first overall by New Orleans Pelicans (now Los Angeles Lakers) with the 2012 draft’s first pick, Davis quickly established himself as one of the premier players. Since then he has earned three NBA championships, seven All-Star selections, and four All-NBA First Team honors – becoming an icon within his league.

Davis sports multiple tattoos across his body and is an avid follower of Marvel comics and superheroes, such as Iron Man. Additionally, he has been romantically linked to several WNBA stars including Dylan Gonzalez and Brittney Griner.

Though Davis has long been one of the stars of NBA basketball, he still doesn’t have his own signature shoe line with Nike due to wearing size 17 shoes that don’t fit into its regular footwear offerings.


Anthony Davis has become one of the most recognized players in NBA. A three-time All-Star and winner of two gold medals with United States national basketball team, Davis is widely respected both on and off the court.

He is widely admired as one of the league’s most intimidating players and his work ethic and dedication are undeniable.

Davis has yet to receive a signature shoe from Nike, yet frequently wears their Air Max Dominate line of footwear designed specifically for big men – offering cushioning and support while not compromising court feel; making this footwear ideal for players like Davis who require quick movement and decisions on the floor.