Andre Iguodala – What is Andre Iguodala’s Shoe Size?

Andre Iguodala has cemented himself into NBA lore since joining the 76ers. While his game-altering skills and contributions on the court are well-documented, his shoe size has garnered considerable media coverage as well.

He wears size 19 shoes, nearly matching former Houston Rockets center Yao Ming in size. Iguodala boasts an extensive shoe collection from Nike to Ralph Lauren Purple Label brands.



Andre Iguodala, born June 16th 1984 and drafted by Philadelphia 76ers in 2004 as an NBA shooting guard. Since then he has become part of both USA Senior National teams at 2010 FIBA World Championship and 2012 Summer Olympic, winning gold each time – being part of both teams has also given him opportunities to travel around.

Like many athletes, Iguodala has made fashion an important aspect of his life. He attends fashion shows and employs the services of a stylist; additionally he boasts an expansive wardrobe full of clothing from brands like 3.1 Phillip Lim and Ralph Lauren Purple Label.

Nike and Adidas meet Iguodala’s specific shoe size needs as an athlete, accommodating his demanding high performance needs without hindering his game. Both brands specialize in creating footwear designed specifically to meet NBA player requirements; in this instance they ensure Iguodala remains comfortable throughout his basketball career and play at his peak performance without hindered by shoe size issues. This gives Iguodala the advantage to reach his peak without being hindered by shoes of an improper size or fit.


Iguodala has played professional basketball with Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association since 2002. Additionally, he represented Team USA at both FIBA World Championship and Olympic Tournaments and earned numerous honors during his career. Iguodala is well known for his defensive capabilities which earned him many accolades throughout his career.

Iguodola was born and educated at Lanphier High School before enrolling at the University of Arizona for his collegiate studies. He was chosen ninth overall in the 2004 NBA draft by Philadelphia 76ers before being traded to Denver Nuggets in 2012.

Iguodala’s size 17 shoe size is not unusual among professional basketball players. His shoes have been custom made to optimize his on-court performance. Their special grip, support, and comfort features were specifically tailored to accommodate his size 17 feet. Most often seen wearing Nike basketball shoes during games.


The National Basketball Association is home to some of the world’s greatest and best-known athletes. Many stand tall with impressive wingspan and shoe size which contributes to their remarkable balance and agility on court.

Iguodala is a two-time NBA Champion who has competed with both Philadelphia 76ers and Golden State Warriors. Additionally, he competed with United States men’s national team at 2010 FIBA World Championship and 2012 Olympics.

Iguodala wears shoe size 17 US (approximately 33 cm, 51.5 EU, 16 UK). Although an uncommonly large shoe size for the average person, NBA players typically sport larger shoe sizes like this. A larger shoe size could help Iguodala excel as an elite professional athlete on the court; Nike and Adidas offer larger sizes that suit this need; these brands have earned reputations among professional athletes for meeting these high performance needs while still providing comfortable fitting options that meet them well.


Andre Iguodola is an outstanding example of this principle; his height and large shoe size have helped him excel as a basketball player.

At Lanphier High School, Iguodala showcased his outstanding basketball abilities to earn himself a place on the AAU national tournament MVP team. College coaches took notice and signed him onto their teams; Iguodala later signed his National Letter of Intent with University of Arizona to play college hoops.

Iguodala has worn Nike footwear throughout his NBA career. Their shoe sizes and designs suit his feet perfectly, providing snug support to enhance on-court performance while remaining versatile enough for casual use as well as game day use – his footwear wardrobe includes both casual and game day models from their range, such as HyperRev or Curry One Low Flotro models from the UA Curry series.